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Igor Shatsky: it is easier for businessmen to get into space than to get a certificate for goods

- East-Kazakhstan Region
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Having great potential, local producers can’t enter the Chinese and Russian markets because of strict requirements for certification of products. Today, compulsory certification of exported goods has become a stumbling block for many EKR entrepreneurs. The lack of testing laboratories on the territory of Kazakhstan forces them to use the services of neighboring states. Such a procedure implies fairly high costs and therefore domestic companies began to decline rapidly the volume of goods exported to other countries. Among them there were such large enterprises as JSC "Camont", JSC "Vostokmashzavod". "What is certification?" For example, the company "Camont" to sell the cabinet for 10 million tenge, the product has to undergo a test during which another such sample of the product is destroyed. After the test, the goods are discarded - this is the certification procedure. And it turns out that to sell products worth 10 million, you still have to incur expenses for 10 million. Therefore, the export of the enterprise is reduced", said Igor Shatsky, Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the East Kazakhstan region. Creation of certification centers and testing laboratories in Eastern Kazakhstan is not expected earlier than in 2 years. This is at best. This issue is now being worked out with Chinese companies.


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