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Uzbekistan is ready to supply its products to the East Kazakhstan region

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Interregional cooperation at the regional level is more effective

On the platform of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the East Kazakhstan region, the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ikrom Nazarov, met with the entrepreneurs of the region.

Uzbekistan is now actively developing the tourism industry. There are more than 7.5 thousand ancient monuments in the country, where last year 2 million tourists visited and the authorities of the republic are going to double the number of visitors.

"The recent visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan gave a new impetus to the relations between our countries, an agreement on interregional cooperation was signed", - said Ambassador Ikrom Nazarov. "Very great relationships have been between Kazakhstani and Uzbek partners".

According to Ikrom Nazarov, last year the country raised 18 million tons of green products. By 2020, Uzbekistan intends to increase volumes to 25 million tons. The East Kazakhstan region is considered as a potential market.

"To date, we mainly consume products from China, although the need for vegetables and fruits of your country in the East of Kazakhstan is large", - Igor Shatsky, director of RCE of EKR said during the meeting.

In the course of the meeting, the businessmen raised problematic questions, which the Uzbek ambassador took a note of.

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